Thunder Bluff is the capital city of the Bloodhoof Tauren. The city is in the graasy plains of Mulgore which is in the center of Kalimdor.
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The Spirit Rise, Thunder Bluff

Thunder Bluff is quite a new city because it was only built at the end of the Third War when the Horde drove the Centaurs out of Mulgore. Despite the fact its a new city Thunder Bluff has grown at a massive rate and already takes up all the tops of the mesas and a cave, Pools of Vision which is under Spirit Rise. There is one road that goes south from Thunder Bluff and that leads to the village known as Bloodhoof Village. There is also a small track that leads north towards Camp Sungraze.
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Thunder Bluff

Thunder Bluff was taken over by the Grimtotem tribe during the cataclysm but Baine Bloodhoof pushed them out and became leader of the Tauren.

There is one zeppelin platform in the city which goes to: