Stranglethorn Vale is a jungle at the very south of Easern Kingdoms. It was Spilt into two during the cataclysm
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Stranglethorn Vale

with The Cape of Stranglethorn separted from Northern Stranglethorn.

Stranglethorn Vale has a Goblin port called Booty Bay in the south, the Horde has a number of settlements including the Orcs base on the west coast called Grom'gol Base Camp, the Troll settlement Bambala and a Goblin town Hardwrench Hideaway. The Alliance have a small camp called Rebel Camp in the north on the border with Duskwood, Fort Livingston and Explorers' League Digsite. The Venture Co. has also set up a base near Lake Nazferiti and the Trolls and Naga are also present in the Stranglethorn Vale.

The region used be under the control of the Gurubashi empire from their base in Zul'Gurub however the empire lost its power and the Humans from Stormwind created a town called Blackwater Cove but they were driven out by the Trolls. The Trolls were then later kicked out of the town when the Goblins who took it over and renamed it Booty Bay.