Silvermoon City is the capital city for the Blood Elves in Eversong Woods.

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Silvermoon City

The city is spilt up into different areas such as The Bazaar, The Royal Exchange and Sunfury Spire where there is a Orb of Translocation which connects to one in Undercity and the Blood Elf leader Lor'themar Theron is also here after taking the throne from the traitor Prince Kael'thas.

The city was built thousands of years ago by the High Elves when they arrived in Lordaeron. During the Third War the city was captured by Arthas and his Scourge army when he was on his way to the Sunwell but then the city was abandoned by the Scourge. A while after the Blood Elves retook there city and rebuilt the eastern half of the city but the west of the city was divided the Dead Scar so the west was in control of the Wretched.

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Map of Silvermoon City