Orgrimmar is capital for the Orcs and Trolls and is also the capital for the Horde. It is in the north of Durotar and
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Orgrimmar, Durotar

has been around since the end of the Third War.

The city is made up of several natural valleys with each valley being unique. There is the Valley of Strength, the Valley of Wisdom , the Valley of Spirits, the Drag, the Cleft of Shadow, the Goblin Slums and the Valley of Honor. The warchief of the Horde is also in Orgrimmar in Grommash Hold. Their are three entrances to the city one to the south which goes to Durotar, one to the west which goes to Southfury River and one in the north which leads to Azshara.

The city of Orgrimmar went through massive changes after Garrosh Hellscream became warchief with walls being renforced with metal and the huge scale production of war machines and weapons mainly in the north of the city and outside the main walls where the Dranosh'ar Blockade has been built.

Inside the city there are two zeppelin platforms, the East Platform which takes you to:
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The West Platform takes you to: