Durotar is a red rocky region in east Kalimdor which is now home to the Orcs and Trolls.

Durotar has a number of Horde settlements including Razor Hill, Orgrimmar, Valley of Trials and Sen'jin Village as well as a few other Horde watchtowers and farms such as Jaggedswine Farm. In the region there is also Quilboars, Centaurs and a Human settlement called Tiragarde Keep.

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The region was named after Durotan, Thrall's father when the Horde landed in Kalimdor and has been under the rule of the Horde since the end of the Third War. Durotar used to be home to Quilboar but the Orcs pushed most of them out of Durotar but the Quilboar think that one day they will take the region back.