Borean Tundra is full massive flat plains often covered in ice and snow.
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Borean Tundra

Borean Tundra has many Tuskar villages on the coast with the main village being Unu'pe , however alot of the villages such as Kaskala has recently become under threat by Vrykul raiders and Naga. There is also a strong Horde and Alliance presence in the area with the Horde controlling Warsong Hold and Bor'gorok Outpost while the Alliance have Valiance Keep and Fizzcrank Airstrip. The Taunka are also in the region and now offer the Horde a base in the east, Taunka'le Village . The Scourge have a base in the east of the region too called the Temple City of En'kilah against the Borean Wall. Of the west coast of Borean Tundra the is a cold plateau called Coldarra which is home to the Blue Dragonflight's base called The Nexus where they wage war against the Red Dragonflight's bases in the region, Amber Ledge and Transitus Shield.